XP600/DX6 Head



XP600 print head XP600 printhead for Epson xp600 eco solvent printer


Product Maintenance

1.maintenance after completion of work
maintenance of the printer after finishing printing can be carried out by simple cleaning operation after finishing printing. The residual ink on the sprinkler head and surface and edge can be removed, and then the sprinkler head can be placed back in the ink stack for relevant maintenance such as sprinkler moisturization.

2.Maintenance of the printer is not used for a long time and idle is as follows:
1) Turn off the power supply related to the photo machine, remove the nozzle from the printer according to the correct method, and clean the residual ink stains;
2) Clean the sprinkler thoroughly with sprinkler cleaner, including the ink marks on the surface of the sprinkler.
3) Inject special nozzle maintenance agent into each ink column of the nozzle, such as nozzle cleaning liquid to clean the nozzle;
4) After cleaning the sprinkler head, wrap it with sealing film and place it well.

Kindly Reminder : If you are a user of piezoelectric photo machine, you must pay attention to the use and maintenance of piezoelectric nozzle, so that the photo machine always keeps the best printing status.


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