100% Original New DX4 Printhead



100% Original New DX4 Printhead

1. High resolution 1440dpi.
2. The latest brand, originated in Japan.
3. Use eco solvent/water based/sublimation ink.
4. Delicately designed alloy-aluminum platform.
5. Edge feather function can blur the pass line and feather the pass edge.
Place of Origin: Tokyo in Japan
dx4 printhead for Mimaki Printer: JV3/130sp/160sp/250sp/8000/8100, JV4/JV 2II…
Roland Printer: FJ/SJ 540/640/740, SP/VP 300/540i, XC/XJ540 645/745EX…
Mutoh Printer: Rj6000/8000/8100/9000II…



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